Starting 2011 with Jean-Louis and Sylviane in New Zealand  -  February 27, 2011

It's been ages since we gave some news. It must mean that we are having a plentiful time :-)

Let us share with you a little snapshot of a vacation Agnes & Cille spent with Sylviane & Jean-Louis in New Zealand.
Jean-Louis and Sylviane came to visit us in January this year. It was wonderful to have them with us and to feel like a big family for a little while.

With the soaring of Pantha Corp, Bjorn had to stay behind to take care of the many projects underway, while his girls & our guests flew away to pay a visit to our neighbors the Kiwis.

We had a great time there driving from Auckland to Christchurch with our Orange Wesfalia camper van (referenced as Little Miss sunshine), amongst the nature marvels of NZ, passing by herds of sheep and cows, tasting the manuka honey and walking some of the South Island mountainous trail (queen's charlotte trail, Abel Tasman Nationa Park), photo shooting the yawning seals and feasting at the best host table in Lyttelton (Christchurch).
We met family in Lyttelton, one of the suburbs of beautiful Christchurch, Sylviane's "long time no see" cousin Jean-Pierre Ribotton and his elder son. Family memories were shared at the table where magnificent diners were served. Jean-Pierre is an amazing host and made our time in Christchurch one of the dearest memories, beating the gloomy weather with delicious gratin and wine :-)

The terrible Earthquake that occurred this week, ruined a lot of the place we visited in Christchurch, the port of Lyttelton where Jean-Pierre lives with his family. We know now that they are safe and their house is still standing, although Jean-Pierre's shop was destroyed.

Have a browse through the snaps we took during our travel to New Zealand (and some from Sydney and surrounding).

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troubling times that call for a renewed efforts to re-invent the net  -  December 10, 2010

If governments can seize peoples domain names and take offline information without any just legal process, we need to rethink how the Internet functions at its core in order to ensure that information will be freely available to all. US Government Censors 70 Websites through ICANN The Freenet project goes a long way in getting us into that new reality.

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Happy new year 2010 !  -  January 4, 2010


We had a rainy holiday season this year in Sydney. Buckets of water and gray skies made us stay at "home" .
Of course home is beautiful and very much enjoyable, with beaches all around. We braved the elements and went surfing almost everyday, or biking along.
Also, in spite of the gloomy forecast, Cille and Agnes decided to be brave nonetheless and went on a one-night camping trip at The Basin (across Palm Beach) .
We had a beautiful afternoon there before the storm hit us. Loads of rain and a drizzling gray morning just proved that Agnes' good old tent is still waterproof.
It was a great adventure, "the girls" enjoyed it very much !

Here are some photos , mostly taken by Cille with her new camera, as a testimony of our Xmas holiday

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